On the Record


  • Margaret Reif created a social media presence for the office of Chester County Controller and has published documents relating to the financial state of the County.
  • She has spoken out to alert people to situations that need to be addressed, like the County's rising debt ratios.
  • Under Reif's leadership, the office has increased trust in the Waste Fraud and Abuse hotline - instrumental in identifying issues like those found in the Sheriff's Office.
  • When another department made a mistake involving vaccine permits and distribution, Margaret made sure to alert the public as soon as possible because she knows that she is a public servant first.


Under Margaret Reif's leadership, the office of the Chester County Controller has streamlined processes neglected for years - saving taxpayer dollars across the board. Just a few examples:

  • Phone plans: Across county government, there was no unified phone plan. Departments were paying a wide variety of rates, and even paying for phones and plans not in use! Working with the county, there is now a unified plan in place, providing all of our phones the same low-fee rate.
  • Overtime Policy: Our investigation revealed discrepancies in the adherence to County Overtime policy. Working with a variety of different departments, the Controller's office is ensuring that all overtime payments are monitored and in compliance with existing policy.
  • Credit Cards: The Controller's office is currently working to reduce the use of credit cards and increase oversight over expenses as well as compliance with procurement and tax-exempt policies.
  • Outsourcing: Outsourcing routine court audits frees office staff up to work on neglected projects. Outsourcing Payroll has freed up staff in the Controller's office and in IT from repetitive tasks and increased efficiency in processing checks.
  • Investment in technology: New audit software enables our audit team to work more efficiently and increase productivity. Implementing new accounts payable software will enable county workers to work remotely when necessary, and will eliminate paper and save time - and tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Automation: Margaret Reif is currently working on a system that will automate scanning and checking documents sent into the controller's office, freeing up office staff to work on other projects instead of just going over paperwork.


  • Margaret Reif firmly believes in accountability for herself, her staff, and everyone else in the county. As the result of a tip, she learned there were significant issues with the Transportation services provided to the most vulnerable among us in our community. Elevating the issue to the Commissioners and Administrator resulted in the creation of a task force evaluating our options for improving services within the County. The recommendations made are underway right now.
  • Reif is a member of the nearly 1/2 billion dollar Retirement Board, and held herself accountable for learning the entire process. Reif is a leader - the very first board member to attend and actively participate in state-wide conferences.
  • She is the very first member of the Chester County Retirement board to receive certification as a Public Pension Professional.
  • Margaret made the county's Annual Financial Report more public by posting it on Facebook and other social media.
  • She produced a shorter, more accessible version of the report so anyone can understand the county finances.
  • Margaret Reif went to court in a very public trial┬áto ensure that corrupt elected officials faced justice.