What does the Controller do?

Margaret ReifThe County Controller makes sure our county tax dollars are spent wisely, efficiently, and legally. These are the types of questions the Office of the Controller should ask, oversee, and investigate:

  • Are county government offices paying for phones that no one uses?
  • Can payroll systems be made more efficient and resilient?
  • Are fundraising efforts following legal procedures and providing proper reporting of donors and recipients?

The mission of the Office of the Controller is to provide accounting, accounts payable, audit and payroll/pension services for Chester County government so the public can be assured that taxpayer funds are administered prudently and lawfully.

Margaret Smith Reif is running for re-election as our Controller in 2021.

Under Margaret’s leadership since her first election in 2017, County financial systems and processes that were neglected for years prior have been greatly improved. For example, the county has saved tens of thousands of dollars by streamlining its phone plans alone. A modern, efficient, and cost-effective payroll system serving nearly 3000 county employees has been installed, replacing the old, antiquated system that had been managed by just one long term employee for decades. During Margaret’s first term in office, waste, fraud, and abuse of tax dollars, reported through a confidential tip line, have been investigated and brought to account through the proper channels.

Chester County is in better financial hands when managed by Controller Margaret Reif. The proof is in the results! (Click on the Record tab for a detailed list of her office’s accomplishments).

How can YOU help Margaret continue to serve our County for the next 4 years?